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A very warm welcome indeed to Crossring. We strive to faithfully teach God’s Word, Today.

Our website is dedicated to the publication of good quality, thoughtful and thought provoking Biblical content. This takes several forms:

  • Short Biblical reflections focusing on a verse or two of scripture;
  • Longer Biblical articles that reflect on a longer piece of scripture, with more in depth thought;
  • Sermons and talks, longer in scope than our typical articles;
  • Short, snappy ‘Thoughts of the Day’, as delivered on the Inspirational Breakfast Show on Premier Christian Radio, a UK based radio station.

You can check out a list of our most recent posts, and our most popular posts, at the bottom of this page. Alternatively you can check out our content, grouped by book of the Bible, by using the menus above. We also have a search function. If you’re feeling in need of inspiration, you could click here for a random post from our extensive archive.

Our writer, Simon Lucas, is also the author of ‘The Shepherd God: Finding Peace, Worth and Purpose in a Busy World’, a well-received book which takes a thoughtful look at Psalm 23. Find out more about The Shepherd God here.

If you would like Simon to come and speak to your congregation, either about Psalm 23, as part of your teaching series, or a one-off sermon, do take a look at our Preaching page.

Crossring is a project from THREE16. We have a number of projects focused on our core mission: Teaching God’s Word. Today. We also run biblestudy.community – an online discussion forum focused on discussion of the Bible. Do check us out.

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